Question: Should kids get an allowance without doing chores?  Please explain your answer.

You make the money by working, and they make it by ... Sitting? Playing? No, Children must learn good work ethics.
They should learn the art of earning their own money so they will be able to do that when they really need money.
Kids these days are greedy enough and some are even getting paid without doing anything and making them do something for their allowance is great practice for the real world.
Allowance can be given whether or not the child does chores, depending on what the parents want to do.
I think you should have to earn what you are given. They shouldn't just think everything will be handed to them just because they want it.
No, because they should help their parents out instead so they can earn money or allowance.
You don't work, you don't get paid.
They shouldn't get used to the concept of receiving money for nothing in exchange.
They have to be taught to earn money.
It doesn't teach them responsibility at all. It's pointless.
What are they getting paid for? Well, unless it's good grades.
I never got an allowance and I was never given the opportunity to do chores. I think that there should be reward for good grades and good behavior.
They have not done anything to deserve money.
It makes them believe things get given to them for being lazy.
You wouldn't get paid in real life without doing your job, so you shouldn't if you're a child.
If a child gets an allowance without having to work for it, that shows the child that they will get the idea that everything in life will just be handed to them. That isn't the way it works. You should learn to work your way for stuff when you're young.
$1 a day if the parent chooses to.
You shouldn't just be handed money because then you don't learn the value of money, you should have to work for it like your parents do.
Everybody works for money so chores are considered a job.
Because if they do get something then they'll be more grateful and do what you would ask.
Because it makes them have a limit on what they can do with their money and save for something.
They need money too, especially with being an older teen.
No, because they're not doing anything to help around.
They do chores as if it's work. They should be paid.
Some kids get an allowance for getting good grades.
I never do chores and don't get allowance, I just get money and it just makes me want to please my parents to get more.
Kids should be taught work ethic.
Whether or not chores are defined, kids tend to help out around the house somehow. I don't have defined chores, but I help out when asked, I take care of our pets, and I get excellent grades.
You're just giving them free money. That's not right. You shouldn't pay them for playing video games all day. When they earn it, they can have it.
Don't like to explain things.
It's called responsibility. I get no money and still do chores.
In a capitalist society, you have to work for money.
They need to learn that things don't come free in life. Work will earn you a reward, but once they get older, if they haven't learned basic responsibilities, it will be too late to learn.
Because kids will start thinking that money will always come to them without them having to do work and it's nothing like that.
They should be rewarded for their chores, which will teach them values for their future.
They need to learn they have to work for money ... that's how it is in the real world.
IF they work they should get an award.
Learns responsibility.
You have to teach your kids at a young age that you have to work for your money. If you just give it to them, a) you have to do all the chores yourself, b) you're not teaching them the value of money -- they won't appreciate it as much.
You appreciate something more if you earn it or work for it, instead of mommy and daddy just handing it to you.
I personally think parents should not just give children money just because. Kids need to work for their money and if they aren't willing to put forth effort to do chores then they don't deserve an allowance.
Kids should know that they have to work for their money.
They need to learn the value of the dollar, especially in these hard economic times, so they are better investors/savers in the future.
If the child is not doing anything to help the family, the child does not earn any allowance. The parents provide for all the child's needs and anything outside of that can be requested by the child. If the child wants their own spending money, then they can preform chores or some other helpful action on a regular basis to earn themselves an allowance.
Children will not earn money for doing nothing when they grow up, why give them the false idea that money just appears?
Children cannot work, and they have no other way of learning the value of a dollar.
They haven't earned it and nothing in life is ever really free.
Because children will never learn to be responsible with their money if you don't give money to be responsible for.
They should not get money for sitting around the house all day doing nothing, while other kids have to actually work and not get any money.
They should do some chores such as everyday things such as keeping their room clean and picking up after themselves, but allowance is a good way to teach kids to budget their money.
They should work for their money.
It does not give proper values, about how you must earn something to gain a reward.
Doing chores to earn allowance teaches kids how the real world works.
It's not teaching your kids anything by just handing them money.
Earning breeds responsibility.
They should have to work for it because then it would be their hard-earned money.
If you do your daily chores, you get a dollar per day, and 2 dollars when you grow older, but when they are little, you can start with a quarter a day and go on.
Why pay bad behavior?
Parents should use the opportunity of an allowance to teach children about the value of money. To just give them money without them working for it is a wasted teaching opportunity.
You need to work for money and should not let it get handed to you because once you get into the real world that's how life is.
We need money, especially if we are over 13.
If you give kids a small allowance, even when they don't do chores, they'll save it and won't be asking for large amounts of money all the time.
They need to learn to work for their money like they will have to later on in life.
There is nothing wrong with providing an incentive. Also, up until they are 16 that is their only source of income.
I have no answer for this.
It will give them a reason to do it.
If they don't do anything, why should they get money? Parents don't owe their kids anything.
I believe a child should do work around the house for money. BUT if you don't give them work to do, how will they get their money? It is good for a young person to learn to spend and save.
I do chores and don't get allowance.
They need new clothes and stuff and one day will have to pay their kids too.
I think chores ensue a feeling of responsibility in a child and show that work is rewarded. This practice weans a child into the workforce once they are old enough. Simply handing out money seems as if it would be a cause of spoiled, bratty behavior.
If you just give them money they won't learn about having to work. If you make them work for it then they will be more rounded, less selfish and understand the world better.
You should have to earn money if you're going to spend the money for yourself.
Even though we should have to work for our money, getting allowance helps kids learn about money (saving, spending, etc.)
That's just giving kids money and they should earn it.
Kids should have to help around the house for a reward.
Why should little kids get to earn their money for nothing if adults have to work hard for theirs?
If you don't work hard and you get paid that is just telling your child that to get paid you don't have to do anything at all.
I don't think kids should have to work.
Because then the child is not learning about life properly and will learn the meaning of money.
Work = Money. Need to develop good work ethic.
Kids will come to expect money all the time instead of earning it. And throughout life, you're going to have to earn your money in a job, it doesn't just come to you. It's best if you earn and control your money finances on your own.
It leads them to thinking that money is something that just happens or is something that they must depend on the parent for, which is a bad habit if kept into adolescent/adult years.
They have lives and will eventually WANT to help after time.
It will teach the child from a young age that they have to do some work to get money ... will benefit them as they get older, as they will be more willing to go out to work, etc.
It depends if the child is lazy or helps out a lot.
It's freeloading, even if they are kids.
I want money without doing anything.
If they get money for doing nothing they will learn in life that they almost don't have to work for anything.
Because it's preparing them for jobs in which they'll have to work to get money.
They don't work at all for it.
Children should learn how to work for their money. When they're older, not everything will be handed to them.
Kids, like adults, have to earn the money for toys they want.
They work, they get money.
It teaches them the price of a dollar.
They didn't work.
They did nothing to deserve it. Give it to the other kids who did chores.
You need to work to earn money. You can't do nothing and expect to get paid.
What would the allowance be for?
Because it will make it more exciting!
I don't get an allowance and I do chores, so if someone gets an allowance for doing nothing then it's not teaching them a thing.
We work, we should get paid.
If they didn't work they shouldn't get paid.
They don't do anything worth being rewarded.
This won't help them in the future. And it teaches kids they will be paid for being lazy, which won't happen.
If they work for the money, it's easier for them to understand the value of it.
Kids should not get money if they don't help around the house or help clean, because that gives them the impression that they can disrespect their parents, but get what they want in the end.
If money is just handed to them, they'll never learn the value of it or hard work.
Because all kids deserve fun.
The whole point of an allowance is to teach a child responsibility. You earn something for your work. Giving a child allowance when no chores have been completed teaches them that work isn't necessary, and that everything is handed to them on a golden platter.
Children shouldn't have to constantly work for their money, they should get a reward sometimes without having to do something but that doesn't mean giving your kids money all the time without them doing nothing.
Kids need to learn to work for what they get in life. It's not doing them a favor to give out money for no reason.
It helps them learn how to manage money and be responsible for it and what they buy, which is a good life skill.
Money has to be earned, like in the real world.
It'd be unfair.
Every family unit needs to work together to maintain order, and that doesn't require compensation for the child, the reward is a healthy family.
It teaches NO responsibility.
You need to work for what you earn.
They need to work for money! They will never learn responsibility if they don't.
I don't even get an allowance for doing chores. A child who is paid to do simple tasks will not seek a more challenging paying job. Payment is unneeded unless actually WORKING for what you deserve.
They need to help work too.
Kids need to to do stuff around the house to get paid. I do.
If they do not do their chores, then they do not deserve the allowance.
They should learn how jobs work at an early age.
Laziness shouldn't be rewarded.
Kids to learn to work for their money.
Because kids should not have to do chores, they should have free time.
Some parents don't force chores on the children.
If kids are lazy bums and don't do anything, they shouldn't be rewarded for doing so.
I believe allowances are not a good system of teaching a child about valuing money.
Because they didn't work for it.
It's a great way to motivate kids and it also gives them a little money to save for kids who are too young to get a job.
Kids need to learn how to work for what they want. It will make them lazy if they get something for doing nothing.
Without having to work for allowance, the child will know no better for the future and won't be prepared to work for money as an adult.
Don't mix financial security with disciplinary motives.
They need to associate getting money with having to uphold a responsibility, and work to get benefits.
It isn't fair.
They should earn the money, that's just how it works. They could ask for some shopping money, but shouldn't get allowances without working for it first.
If we don't get an allowance we can't do anything ... maybe a lower allowance as a base level and then if you do chores give a little extra on top of the regular allowance.
The word allowance means "money you are allowed to have." If you are going to give an allowance to your child, don't make them work for it, but make it a small amount of money. Maybe, tell them that they have to buy their own school lunches with that money if they want to eat school lunches. Or something like that.
Most chores have nothing to do with us. We can't get jobs yet, so we can't earn the money. We already have school stressing us out, then we get nagged to do lame chores so we can get like $10.00 to go see a movie.
They need money.
If the child does nothing around the house, then no.
They should learn the value of money.
They need some money for freedom. Work is for when life really starts.
Kids don't need allowance, I'm perfectly fine without it.
They don't do work.
Kids need to learn that life isn't just handed to them. They need to work for rewards. Sometimes, they'll even work, and get no reward. They need to be prepared for that.
If all parents paid their children without them working they will not know how to work to earn money.
Children shouldn't get allowance without performing chores because they don't learn the idea of working hard for your money.
They should have to earn their money like they will have to in the real world. They would get fired from their job if they didn't do anything and expected to get paid. It is a good lesson.
Need to learn responsibility.
I never got an allowance because when I wanted something my parents made me work for it, and if I did a good job I got it. An allowance doesn't make kids work for the money they get.
Some parents don't have the extra money.
Allowance is something you earn, not something you're given.
It's like a job. Does your boss just pay you to sit at home and do nothing?
That doesn't teach them anything except that doing nothing gets you something, which really doesn't, especially in this economy.
Kids want to go out and have some freedom. They want to go out with their mates and have a laugh. If they just kept their bedroom tidy or something small because they don't want to do many chores at all.
Because then they won't know why they got money so when they get older they just think money will flow in their pockets. No, you have to work for it.
Although kids should do chores I think it's ok to give out a small allowance so they can learn to save up and work to get even more money.
We can't work, so how else are we supposed to get the money?
Parents don't get money if they don't work, so why should kids get money if they don't do anything to deserve it? PS, I get an allowance depending on my grades.
A child should be taught how to use money sensibly at an early stage. Making them do chores for it could put them off it.
I'm 17 and I don't get a single penny off my parents (unless I borrow it). How is it supposed to prepare you for the world, if you haven't got the money? You won't be able to enjoy yourself. You'll end up living on benefits and job seekers allowance (the maturer version of pocket money).
Because doing chores teaches and prepares them for later life.
There are other ways of earning money.
A child should have to do something for money. It prepares them more for the real world. You don't get money just because.
If they get money or allowance without doing chores, they won't realize the value of the money they're getting and waste it.
Because that's what I do, I don't have chores so I just ask for a certain amount of money and I get it.
You need to work for money.
They should have to earn their money so they can learn.
Kids hate chores.
They should learn that money is not just handed to them. They have to work for what they want like our forefathers did for this country.
If they don't do the chores, why should they get the money?
That just turns kids into lazy and spoiled brats.
Because they are getting rewarded for no reason.
Because it allows them still to learn to save and prioritize their money if they want a toy or to save for more toys.
Children should learn that without work there is no pay.
Young children should have to help out and get paid because they can't work. When they get older they work and if they need extra money just ask and work something out with the parents.
Well, I say that because I do. I think kids should get an allowance because it teaches them responsibility. And how to handle money.
A child must learn the value of a dollar and realize that you do not get rewarded in life without hard work.
That's basically spoiling the kids ... without working, kids get it into their head that money grows on trees. This doesn't teach them responsibility or the value of money and work.
They should get life experience when young.
They should be done as part of life experience.
I always have to earn my money and am glad because I now understand and value it much more than other people who do not have to earn it.
My family is part of the lower class in America right now, thus I have never had allowance, I had to work. I washed my neighbor's car and got 5 dollars, etc. There was and is no such thing as free money or "allowance." I think that money should be a reward, and if parents just give kids money, what will they learn from it? They will keep wanting more and more. But if you work for it, you will understand mutual relations: give and get, not get and get some more.
They need to learn the value of money early on in life.
If you don't do anything, you shouldn't get paid. People who do are going to have garbage work ethics.
If a kid doesn't work at all, why should they get paid? In America the entire economy is based off of something for something, not something for nothing.
You shouldn't bribe your kids in any way! They should do that kind of thing everyday without being paid. I do.
It's like a job. Do you get paid for not doing your job? No.
Should work for money.
They have to learn to work in order to earn money.
If we do extra, not everyday things.
How else would they get things if you won't buy it for them?
Because children need to learn the responsibility of maintaining money rather than earning it.
An allowance is a reward for doing something useful or good and if there is nothing being done to be rewarded for then there shouldn't be a reward.
You should be taught to work for your earnings.
I think children should be taught that if they want to make a good living, they have to work for the money. Money is not simply handed to you for nothing.
They should help around the house and get used to work.
Most parents have to go out and work every day to earn their money. I don't think that kids should just get money for doing nothing. They need to learn how to work.
It's the parents' choice whether or not to give their children money.
If the kid(s) don't do chores, why should they get allowance? If they don't do anything to earn it, they shouldn't get anything.
Depending on the parents, it could be different but I don't do chores and I get money when I need it.
The children will have more freedom to buy things and the job gets done.
They need to learn that hard work pays off and it also builds character. When they earn money they get excited and more interested in what they are doing.
It implies that the child is deserving of a reward for doing something they're expected to do anyway. It's like rewarding someone for taking a shower.
Well, I think they should, but the parent is not THAT ignorant.
You should have to work for your money.
I think that from a young age children/teens should be taught that they should work for their money so it then prepares them for the job world!
In life you get paid if you do work. If you don't do any work then why should you get paid? It's not going to help them in the long run.