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About The Survey

The USA Youth Survey focuses on family life issues. It is conducted for the benefit of parents, educators, members of the legal and mental health professions. It may be viewed without charge.

Its mission is also to provide useful information for judges and legislators who make decisions and laws about marriage, divorce and the welfare of children. Young people are welcome to view the results to better understand their peers.

Ideas for questions are recommended by a panel of educators, mental health professionals and parents.

Completed online by 1000 youngsters between the ages of 14 and 18, participants are self-selected from a national sample frame that includes all 50 states. Sampling error is estimated at +/- 3%. The survey is also subject to non-sampling error.

The confidentiality of participating youngsters is protected. GordonPoll.com is committed to the ethical standards of the World Association of Public Opinion Research.

The Spring Poll was conducted during the months of January and February, 2009. Results are published in March 2009 issue. The sponsor of each month's poll is reflected on each month's publication on the results page, along with their web site and our appreciation.


Youth Survey