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Question: Are mothers and fathers equally qualified to care for teens following a divorce?

Answered: Yes

Some fathers are better than mothers and most of them are equal.
Why should it just rely on one parent? Each parent should have an equal share because its each of their kid ... isn't it bad enough that the family was broken apart and then one parent decides to completely dump the kid?
Both can.
They both grew up with them.
I think that both parents are equally qualified of taking care of the kids & I don't understand why in most cases the mother gains custody.
Equality is a virtue.
It all depends, but in some cases, your parents are better qualified to take care of you when they are out of their marriage. Especially if there has been a lot of arguing going on in front of the children.
It depends whether or not the child likes both of their parents.
I would say they are unless they are crazy or not right in the head.
Both parents are equally qualified but at the same time one may be better than the other ... not because they are the mom or the dad but because of WHO they are.
I feel that there's no reason why a father shouldn't be as worthy a parent as a mother.
I think the mom and the dad should take full responsibility. You may have divorced your husband/wife but you did not divorce from your kids. You need to take care of them as much as you can. Make sure to let them know that things are going to change but not for the worse. Its up to the parents to let the child know the truth and how everything is going to work out. And it's up to the child to be understanding.
It's not like when you get divorced you don't have a child anymore. Every father and mother should take equal care of THEIR child because it's THEIRS.
I love my mom and dad and they both care for me.
Because all people are equal. No one shouldn't care for a child. That would be abusement to the child.
I live with my mother, but I certainly think the majority of fathers are equally fit to care for their teens. I know many people for whom the father is a better parent, despite the common belief that mothers are better fit as single parents.
Both parents have the responsibility to care for their children. It should not be one parent's job to raise the kids with no help.
The parents are still the parents no matter how much money they have, which ones the kids like better, because the parents are the parents and the kids can do nothing to change that.
Both of them know their children and are able to care for them.
They both need to take care of the child because it's their son/daughter.
They are both your parent.
A father should not be left out just because mothers are "better nurturers". If the father is better qualified he should get to take care of the kids.
They are both your parents, so why not?
Because they are. A mother can take care of a teenager and a father can take care of a teenager. But mothers are better at taking care of teenage girls and fathers are better at taking care of teenage boys.
I feel that if there are two parents in a relationship that gets broken, they both have the right to possess the child because it was both of them who brought the child into this world.
Well, it depends on their personality. My mom is a mentally insane, conceited, cheating, unfair, abusive, bitch. She has no qualification to take care of me whatsoever. My dad loves and cares about me and my siblings and would do anything for us.
Because they need both their parents to raise them.
Both can support.
Although it depends on the situation, usually both parents are equally qualified.
A teen needs both Mom and Dad. Neither are qualified by themselves.
My parents aren't divorced but I believe they are both qualified to care for me.
Even though a father can't provide all the nurturing a mother can, he can still raise a child just fine, usually a more disciplined child comes of it.
Unless there is something wrong with one of the parents, both of them should be equally qualified to care for their children.
They're both (hopefully) loving parents who wouldn't want to leave you.
Both mom and dad are able -- it depends, though what each do after the divorce if they move far away it is more difficult, if dad is an alcoholic then that would pose a problem, if mom has guys over all the time that could be a problem, but overall both can do the job, just is a question of if they want to or not.
Because they have taken on the responsibility to be your parent and need to stick to that responsibility.
They both try to do the best for us, other than that ... I don't know. They're still together.
Because they are the same. And they are easily just as capable of helping you.
Fathers are the only guy a girl can really trust to have conversations with and Mothers are always there for you no matter what.
It depends mostly on the gender of the kid. It would definitely be easier for a girl to grow up with her mom and for a boy to grow up with his dad. Then again, family relations are important and it truly depends on which parent the kids get along with best. It also comes down to individual cases and which parent is better suited to continue caring for the kids.
They both were there to raise the kids before.
As long as neither parent is abusive or neglectful to their children, either can manage to parent them.
Mothers are usually a better fit as a full time parent but fathers are just as fit to raise their hildren because they care about them just as much.
They can care for teens.
Being a good parent is not dependent on gender.
They both helped raise us until the divorce.
You can't judge males/females as a whole. Each individual is different. Some females aren't fit to be mothers, and some males aren't fit to be fathers. It's a case by case scenario.
It doesn't matter whether they're the mother or the father. The only thing that matters is which will take better care of the kids.
It would depend on the situation, but yes both parents are probably qualified. Or at least it doesn't depend on the gender of the parent.
Well, it depends on the parent. For me, I would want my DAD but alot of moms are just as qualified. Note, that's if I HAD to choose. If not, I would just switch back and forth.
They're equal.
It all depends on the type of lifestyle that your parents are living ... if the mother loves and takes more care of the kids than the father then she should get them ... the same if it was the other way around with the dad.
It depends ... both parents would probably work an equal amount of time.
My dad can take care of my brother and I just as well as my mom can. He just has to get used to doing housework and cooking and having food in the house.
It doesn't matter who it is, if the parent cares about that kid, they will be a good parent.
Well, again it would depend on the parents, but every parent probably has different ways of parenting their children.
Why not?
It all depends on the character of the person. The mother may have the more nuturing and sweet personality, but it may be possible that those traits belong to the father. I think that it all has to do with the situation.
They both should be around and help out because a kid or teen needs both a father figure and a mother figure.
They both have nurtured you.
Depends on the situation, every one is different.
It depends on situation; which parent works, where each lives, the condition that prompted divorce (i.e. if one of the parents is abusive or addicted), and the relationship the kids have with each parent.
My parents both make money, and besides that I see no reason why men would be more qualified than woman or vice-versa. Except in the case of infants, where the mother would be preferable.
If both parents have jobs and homes, then they can care for their child.
Gender doesn't influence capabilities further than how it influences your parents' thoughts. If the father isn't a type to do housework, then he isn't fit to care for the child, but some fathers are fine with things like housework.
Moms and Dads both know how to take care of kids.
Both males and females know how to communicate with their teens more often then not. However, the way they deal with them will be indeed different.
At one time the child was both of their responsiblities. Now that they have split up the child still belongs to both of the parents. So both parents divorced or not should care for the child.
I think that it depends on the character of the person and the situation.
It honestly depends on the people. A bad mother won't be able to, a bad father won't be able to. A good father will take care of their kid better than an average mother. The gender roles have all but been equalized.
If my parents ever got divorced they both are still able to take care of me.
Because they are!
A parent's ability to raise their children properly is based on their temperament and values, not their gender.
It does not matter, both should love you.
Mothers and fathers should have the same responsibilty to take care of their child and unless they are an drug addict or criminal, etc...
Both can care as much as the other.
Well, they are both equally qualified because they are both the parents, but I really think it should be up to the teenager who they think is more qualified.
It depends on a lot of things; which parent the child is most attached to, the gender of the child, but overall they're both parents.
Yes because, you started/raised them so you have full responsibility for them.
People don't follow stereotypes directly... You can't say that a mother is better suited to take care of a child because she's a mother and mothers are known to be nurturing. Same goes to dads. You can't say that just because dads are known to have the better paying job they should take care of the child. It depends on the history of the parent and who they are.
The child belongs to both parents.
It really depends. If the parents of a young man are splitting up, and the father is fit to be a father, then it makes sense to give the dad a chance.
As long as the adult is taking care of the child properly, then gender should not matter.
Generally, one parent knows their child better than the other. They have the same right to raise their child, one just might be better at it
Mothers and fathers both have a role in bringing up children. The mother is the more caring, loving, supportive adult and the father is the disciplinary and male role model of the family. The mother should set an example for what the girls should grow up to be like and the father should be the example to the boys to show them what they should grow up to be. In both cases this is things like slow to anger, faithful, sensitive to others' opinions and beliefs, etc. I do not believe that on their own a man or a woman brings up a child in the best way. I think that the best way for children to grow up is in a safe, loving and whole (mother and father (both biologically related)) family.
They should, if they don't, then that means they don't care, at all.
I believe that there are both great mothers and great fathers, as there are both bad mothers, and bad fathers.
It doesn't matter what gender they are. I'm sure whichever parent the child has a better relationship with is the parent more qualified for that specific child. And it depends on if the mother or father had to go through their parents' divorce or not.
One kid goes to one parent, say, on weekends or over school breaks and then goes back to the other parent during school.
Both love the kids (I hope).
Your question said equally. Yes they are, but that does not necessarily mean the mom or dad will equally care for the child.
It can't be just left to one parent because that would be neglecting something that both parents are responsible for.
It depends on the situation, but usually the mother gets most of the custody, and that's not always right. Sometimes the mother isn't the best choice and the father's a much better parent or more able to take care of their kid. Then on the other hand, the mother can be much more qualified. It depends. Or they're equal and they can both care for the child equally well.
They equally love you so why not?
It depends on the situation and the parent, their child rearing skills and the gender of the child.
As long as the parents love their children they can care for them even when they are seperated.
It really depends on the person, and the children. But I can't say that mothers are more qualified always rather than fathers.
They have the potential, but it may not be necessarily for the best.
Mothers and fathers love their children equally. In some cases, one parent may be more suited to care for the child than the other, but I would say generally both parents would take excellent care of their child.
Just think so.
My parents could do perfectly well supporting themselves, even if they may have to find another job.
Well both a father and a mother have the potential to care for a child equally.
Fathers and mothers are equal.
They are both the parents, no matter what.
Because that's the kids' mom and dad.
I don't see a reason why a father can't raise a child just as well as a mother. We don't live in the 1800's anymore, they aren't out hunting or something.
I say yes because either parent can equally take care of a child. It does all depend on the parent. Some mothers can do the job better than fathers and vice versa.
Both parents are equally qualified. Just because you are a girl doesn't mean you can't talk to your dad about things. I think the world would be a better place if we all got over it and said yes these things happen, no biggy.
I think if a teenager is not ready to leave and need them they should take care of them.
Because them being your parents, they should know how to provide for their child or children.
Why not?
Yes, because both mothers and fathers are able to provide for their children as long as they are stable and love their children.
Either parent is capable of caring for their child. If the parent is dedicated enough.
It all depends on the parent. Their own personality determines how they would handle the situation. The variables are too broad to find a definite answer, but I think that everyone has the capacity to be a fitting parent, but some people are too selfish to put the child's needs before their own.
They both made the kid.
They are both parents, right?
Just because women birth the kids doesn't mean they are more responsible.
It depends on what kind of father or mother one is. You can't say that just because someone is a father they are unfit to take care of their child.
Either parent can be the caretaker, it's different in different situations.
Both parents have an equal love for their children. It shouldn't be said that only a mother/father can take care of them.
The parents should still be involved.
Depending on the people, of course. If both are able to care for their kids equally, of course.
Both mothers and fathers are equipped to take care of a child. They should both be able to understand how a child feels and what they can do for them and how to love them. It's not that hard.
It all depends on the character of the parent. In some situations the mother would be a better role model, but in others the father would be the better parent.
Since both parents are good for different things they are both equally qualified to be the child's parent after the divorce because mothers are better for making their kids do homework and waking up in the morning while fathers help the child keep happy by having them get involved in sports and they make sure to feed their child.
Both the mother and the father should have an equal chance of taking care of the kid. Who says one is more loving or more supportive? Let the kid decide.
Assuming that both love their child, then both of them should be able to adequately provide for them, gender is not an issue.
Everyone is able to have responsibility.
If it is both of the parents' kids then they should have equal responsibility over him/her.
Both mothers and fathers have special bonds with their child; it's not right to say that one is better prepared to care for the kid by themselves.

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