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Question: Are mothers and fathers equally qualified to care for teens following a divorce?

Answered: No

No, because sometimes one parent isn't in the state to care for their child. An example would be, the parent is an alcoholic, or drug addict.
My Dad is disabled.
The dad won't know how to take care of a teenage daughter when she broke up with a boy.
Usually the mother is more qualified because, well ... she's the mother. But other than that it depends on which parent has the safer home for a child.
Because they could live with one or the other.
It depends on the situation. Sometimes one parent is not in a good state (physically or mentally) so they need to go with the parent that will care for and be responsible for the child.
Because for instance, in an abused marriage, the abuser should have no right to the children. On the other hand, someone needs to take care of the children, and if there's no issue with compentence, then yes, both the mother and the father would be equal.
Mothers are more nurturing generally, and dads are more into themselves, of course, not in all cases.
Well ... it depends on their condition after their divorce. If they are depressed, I wouldn't find that qualified to take care of a teen. When a teen is going through so much change, it helps to stay on your feet.
Because that they can both do certain things that the other can't, they can both care in certain areas.
My father at least, treats me much better than my mother.
One might be more understanding.
Money becomes tight and it gets hard to take care of them.
My mom has the money and everything, unlike my dad.
I think mothers are more qualified than fathers because mothers care more for the feelings of their children, expecially with older children. Mothers care for their babies. They have a bond that is unattachable.
One of the parents could become depressed and turn out to be a horrible single parent.
One parent happens like nothing happens and try not to make you worry but the other is always complaining about problems.
I feel as though more often then not there is one parent that is more capable than the other and while not always, most often it is the mother.
I think that it really depends on the parents. If one parent is irresponsible, the teen will be negatively influenced. Sometimes they have special bonds with one parent that they don't have with another.
If it's a girl then the mother should be qualified to take care of the child and help her through issues that the father can not take care of. If it's a boy then its pretty much the same thing, just with a father taking care of the son.
Fathers are not as good at it.
Depends on who's really the 'problem'.
I answered "no" because some parents (usualy the father) divorce because they don't want to have to raise kids. Does the parent that made the choice that they don't want the kid they are already having deserve this kid? No. I have a friend whose parents are divorced. When she would stay at her father's he would abuse her. Does he deserve that kid? Or does she deserve to be treated that way? No. However, I do not fully believe that all divorces are that way. There are some cases when both parents do deserve equal care of the child or children because both parents love them and want what's right for the kid(s).
Sometimes moms are better at handling it.
One parent might have emotional distress or something and ignore the kid, or take out their frustration on them.
My dad and my mom are not qualified to take care of children period. My dad is better though. He does not understand anyone and is rude, etc. My mom just isn't suited for children because she still is a child.
I think no because mothers just have that motherly instinct. I don't think my dad would have done a bad job or nothing. I just think that my mom is more on top of things like usually how most moms are. And if you are a girl it helps to have a mom.
I'm not sure about this but I think that the parent who instigated leaving should not be allowed to enjoy in the fruits of their marriage-i.e, their child- without being married.
Well, when it comes to me, I love my dad. But there are so many things that he couldn't deal with.
Because with that the kids are going to being uncomfortable with parents dating and then they may not be happy with just one parent.
My father remarried, and he chooses to have nothing to do with me or my brother.
They don't care.
It all depends on the situation. For example, if the father is a drunk, and the mother wants to divorce him for that reason, then the kids should go with the mom if the father cannot look after them well enough. The flip is also correct. If the mother does drugs and the father wants to divorce her for that reason, then the kids should live with the dad. It's not a question of "are women better at taking care of their kids then men?" But of "what's the right choice in this situation?"
In my experience my mother has done a much better job of dealing with and taking care of me and my brother.
Neither are qualified, as the mother would have to work and not take care of the home the way she should and the father can't care for them as a mother could, but I think that the mother would be better, as Moms are better at multitasking and understanding her kids.
The mother was in labor with the child so the father had no real part in its birth.

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