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Question: Are mothers and fathers equally capable for caring for young children following a divorce?

Answered: Yes

Why should it just rely on one parent? Each parent should have an equal share because it's each of their kid ... isn't it bad enough that the family was broken apart and then one parent decides to completely dump the kid?
Both should.
If they have a decent life.
I think a father is perfectly capable of taking care of his children. Men may not have as many maternal instincts as women but they have an understanding for their children.
If they are mentally stable and can afford a kid.
My parents both equally contribute to our family, equally and economically.
Again it's their child but it's a little younger.
They are both remarried and both are awesome parents.
Again, many fathers are as fit if not better fit to care for a child than the mother. Obviously, it depends upon the specific people involved, and the wishes of the parents and the children.
Both are capable as long as they are financially, physically, and mentally able.
As long as they love their children and have a safe environment for them.
Because they are the teen's parents.
They should both take care of the child because otherwise they never get to see the other parent and that stinks.
Mothers may be "better nurturers" but some dads are just as or more capable than mothers.
Yes because they needed to learn how to take care of themselves before they could take care of another, and once they got married, they did. Yet when they seperated, thay are on their own again, but with a child this time.
Once again, it all depends on the personality and character of each person. One may be more suited than the other.
Both can love and care.
There is a certain way you have to handle young children,especially since they are very sensitive and sometimes one of the parents can handle the child better.
Good parenting isn't gender dependent, it's just gender bias. One is a good parent because they are caring and patient, not because they are a woman.
Because moms can keep you in line, and dad can help support you with the money. But that is why they should never leave in the first place.
But daughters should always be in contact with their mother for help with personal things.
The fact that the parent just went through a divorce isn't meaningful because both of them did and that situation will be present regardless.
Both parents took care of the kids before the divorce and they know how.
When you live and grow up with one it is easy.
They are both capable.
Good parenting is not determined by gender.
They both know the child and how to take care of it.
They don't understand what's going on so they are easier to handle in that situation.
Both can take classes in caring for very young children, if they don't know how already.
They should be but they might not. It all depends on the situation.
Because they can both give the child a roof over their head.
Again it depends on the parent ...
They're equal.
It all depends on if the mother or the father is the best with the kids. Whichever one loves them more should get the responsibility ...
They should be.
If they both love their child they should be able to take care of them.
Same as the last one, except applied to little kids.
It all depends on the person and the situation.
As long as they both are healthy enough to work and take care of the kids they should.
They can both take on the responsibility. They are adults.
A father can parent as well as a mother. But it's better if both can stay together.
If both parents love their child, then they can take care of them.
Gender doesn't influence anyone any more than how the parents think it should.
Yes! They can do it when they were together then they can do it when they're divorced.
Yes, once again it depends on the character of the person and the situation.
They are both capable.
They are still the same.
They can still take care of my younger siblings if they ever split up.
They just are!
A parent's ability to raise a child depends on the parent, not their gender.
Both love you.
They should be equally capable to take care of young children.
They can be if they are both good parents. However they do have different qualities in caring for children. Mothers tend to be more oriented towards feelings. Fathers will make sure their child is safe. Both are equally loving.
They can each care for the child as much as the other parent.
Yes, technically. But it really depends on the mother and father and it's hard to generalize it like that.
It is easier to care for a younger child as opposed to a teenager, so they can handle it.
If the parents get a divorce, they should always take care of the younger kids, including the older ones.
It's like this; some moms are soccer moms, while others are alcoholics. Some dads are awesome and know how to do things like barbecue, while others are abusive.
There is not much effect.
Both men and women should be there throughout a child's life from newborn babies to young adults for them to benefit from the benefits of it.
They always say that they both love them
They should be able to.
It really depends on the parent, but I believe that if they try hard enough, either parent can rise to the occasion.
My mother and I are so close, and she is better at it then my dad (caring for me during the whole process) but if my dad and I had better relations I'm sure he would be just fine.
If both parents are in their right minds and don't do drugs, then they both have equal rights.
Young children bring joy!
Yes, they are equally allowed to care for their child, but that does not necessarily mean the parent(s) will.
Yes, they are supposed to. For example, if only the mother took care of a little boy or girl the child would ask where is daddy? And this would only make it harder for the child.
Dads can cook and clean and mothers can go to work to support the children.
A younger child is just like an older child in terms of the parents taking care of them. It can be either parent who is better or both. You can't always assume the mother is the best choice, which all courts do.
They should be mature about it.
They're both good at it.
Parents don't need to be married to take care of children.
I don't see that there's any difference. I think the only exception would be if the child was a breast-fed baby- then, obviously, it would go to the mother, but otherwise I think the gender of the parent shouldn't matter.
Because it's easier to explain to kids about it but not teens. Kids are okay with what their parents want. As long as they get to see both kids it's okay with kids.
Because they can support themselves, they can support a child.
Both are capable of caring for a child even after a divorce.
Another stupid question.
What if there really is a predicament where only one parent can care for the child?
Because both parents need to be in the kid's life.
They both can care for a child but both parents bring to the table for childcare what the other parent can't.
I really do think they are capable.
They can both care for the child but maybe not the same way.
If they are stable and love their kids they are able to take care of them. My father is better than my mom yet my mom got custody of us.
Again, every parent has the capacity to take care of a child, only sometimes the "parent" is too selfish to take care of the child properly so that they can be a child.
Parents love their kids.
Again, they are both responsible adults.
Both genders can have faults and be the reason for the divorce.
They just are.
Both parents have an equal love for their children and one can't take care of the children better than the other.
Young children will definitely need more care.
I think that it once again depends on the character of the person, but a mother might be more qualified to care for a toddler or baby.
Love is the only important thing, gender doesn't matter.
They just are.
Being capable comes with responsilbilty.
They are both very good at parenting, neither is better than the other.

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