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Question: Are mothers and fathers equally capable for caring for young children following a divorce?

Answered: No

Young children need a lot more attention and time.
I like mommy.
No, because they might not be able to. Financailly, physically.
No, because eventually you will have to pick who you live with. The other parent whether it's the mom or dad will be singled out most of the time. One will be busier and one will be more at home with that child.
Once the parents get divorced it's usually the mom that takes care of the child. So no, they are not equally capable of taking care of a young child.
That question could swing both ways. The parents might have gotten divorced for that reason, for example the mother did not trust the father with the kids, because maybe he was an alcoholic and she did not want that around her kids, but also yes because the kids might not be the reason for the divorce at all.
Moms are better because they are more patient and are more creative so they can do more with the child.
It's so hard on the littler kids because they don't fully understand what is going on. The parents just say that they other parent is going away for a while and in some cases the other parent won't be coming back to the house. Then the little kids will have to deal with 2 homes, and sometimes new parents, and other things that little kids shouldn't have to worry about.
Actually, I changed my mind. Yes. Unless they're infants - then the mother.
Because sometimes the parent relies on the other parent for money.
The same. Neither are qualified.
Some parents may work and not have time for their kids.
This also depends on the situation and who is the more dependable and reliable.
You really need to be with your mother because otherwise you will never feel that motherly instinct.
Sometimes caring for young children is too much for a parent between work and everything.
It comes down to who is the best influence for the child/children. If one parent tends to say poor things about the other parent, I'd say that the child/children would go with the other.
Kids share a special bond with their mothers and men are proven to not be as fit to raise young children.
Younger children have it the hardest. They have no idea what's going on. And it is sometimes hard for the parents to explain it to them.
Again, my mom is wrapped up in her own world, and she doesn't care about me or my little brother.
Women tend to have more of a maternal instinct with their child.
Not necesarily, a mother has a major role ...
If they can't care for me, what's the difference?
Moms will be better.
Infants would be better cared for by their mother than their father.
Dads can't breast feed.
I think the mothering nature comes natural to a female. However, males would not have any experience with babies, and would become too stressed.
Mothers and young children have an inseparable bond.
They might hurt the young child or not be able to care/support them.
One parent is usually more capable than the other, usually but not always the mother.
Fathers are not as good.
Depends on who's really the problem.
I wish there was a "depends on the situation" option. Because it really does depend on the situation! Some mothers and fathers are heartless and abusive to a child and they are not capable of caring for a child. And sometimes there are situations when the mother and father are both capable of caring for their child or children. That's when they both equally deserve to care for the child. There are also times, especially during these economic times, when a divorced parent is not capable to financially afford to take care of the child. It may not be the parent or the child's fault, but I believe that the child should then stay with the parent who can afford to take care of them and grant the financially struggling parent visiting rights.
I personally think that young children, 1-5, NEED a mother figure.
One parent generally has a better relationship with the child
Depends on the sex.
I think mothers just have more insight. And moms have more motherly instinct and are usually more on top of things and definitely more organized.
The one who instigated divorce is a bad influence on young children and causes division in the family and in the child's emotions and loyalties.
Some parents, mom or dad, might work or not be home as much as some parents.
Young children need their mothers. It's a very normal thing and it's just because it's more comfortable for the child. Depending on the circumstances. If the mother was an alcoholic nut obviously the child would be healthier with that dad.
My father has no idea how to care for children, nor wants to know.
Mothers are better with young children.
Some are particularly affected.
It depends on the situation.
Mothers connect with young children better.
Fathers tend to be more distraught and feel pain when handling the child.
I think that mothers may be better just because they can be easier to talk to about your issues as a child.
Mothers would have to be gone while working, but fathers would not be able to care for them very properly at all!
One of the parents might be taking the divorce better than the other parent and has a plan for the future.

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