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The GordonPoll Youth SurveyTM is published by The Wilmington Institute Network. WIN has a 35-year tradition of helping parents, children, and families fulfill their potential and have their best lives.


WIN Advisory Roundtable is a distinguished worldwide group of educators, social scientists and health care professionals. Its director is psychologist-attorney Dr. Bob Gordon.

Joan Anderson, PhD
Sharon Anderson, PhD
Barbara Abrams, PhD
Laurence Abrams, PhD

Leo Borrell, MD
Mark Blotcky, MD
Fanny Mui-ching Cheung, PhD
Jaye Crowder, MD

Richard Davis, MS, LPC
Helen Edmondson LCSW
George Glass, MD

Scott Henslee, MD
Michael Lindsey, JD, PhD
Leo McCandlish, PhD
Michael Nash, JD, PhD

Jon Nix, PhD
Bharat Parikh, MBA
Sarghai Sharma MD
Tanya Taylor, PhD

Clemente Vivanco, PhD
Jim Will, PhD