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Question: In a divorce, how much money should each parent pay to support their children?

Answered: Each parent should pay the same

Everything should be equal.
They have to be equal in the price they pay.
If moms and dads both work, it should be the same.
Parents had kids together, so they should split the responsibilities and costs.
Equality helps everything in every situation.
Both parents should pay the same because it's both their child.
My dad has to pay but my mom doesn't. He pays because I live with my mom full-time and stay with my dad on weekends. He pays 375 dollars each month for me.
Each parent should pay the same because it is their child, even though the parents are divorced it is still their child.
Yes one parent may earn more, or one may not have custody, but both parents are equally biologically responsible for their child. Just because someone earns more doesn't make it their job to pay more.
Each parent should have equal responsibility for their child.
The money should be split equally so they don't have to fight over that too.
Each parent should pay equally instead of the burden falling on one parent.
They were in this together and they are both the parents so they should be equal, so there is no fighting.
They should pay the same because it's both their baby.
This is the only fair way.
It's only fair.
If one parent can't pay as much as the other parent because of job issues, they should try to work at a compromise.
They are both responsible for their child.
It's not fair that one parent should pay more then the other.
I don't think that more than what one parent can afford should be asked for. But both parents have the same rights and they should contribute equally to the children's upbringing and care.
Both the same.
They both wanted the kid, they should both pay for it.
It is both of their responsibilities to care for their children.
I don't see why one parent should pay more then the other ... it's not fair.
They both wanted the kid, they should both pay for it.
Then it is equal.
It seems fair that they should both pay the same. The kids are both of theirs.
Because it's not fair for one to pay the whole thing.
The child is still each parents responsibility, so they should both pay an equal amount.
Alimony is not fair, child support should be equal.
Not one parent should be responsible for the child.
It's up to both parents to raise the child.
It's both of their kids.
They should pay the same, they both created them.
They are both responsible.
No parent should have to entirely pay for their child.
I think it's a joint responsibility for both parents. They wanted the breakup so they can pay up for the child that has to go through it.
This would help the kids the most.
They both take care of us equally so they should pay equal price.
Woooo Money!
Since the parents both had the child they should accept the responsbility equally and pay for expense equally.
If they get a divorce, it stains the child. The least they could both do is pay even amount of child support.
Equal is what the best they can do.
It just makes sense.
The child is the product of both adults, therefore the child should be being paid for by both adults.
Both parents have an equal responsibility to the child involved and so should pay the same.
Both should be able to get their children's lives through up into college.
So it could be fair.
It was both of yours choice to have the kid, so you both have responsibility.
It is fair.
They are both responsible for the child so they both should pay the same.
My dad gets screwed over with child support. He pays it for three children and my mom gets checks from the Gov. for being "disabled". I guess it should depend on what is going on in everyone's life and financial business.
It's in all equality.
Both parents have a responsiblity towards their child.
Because it's still your child. :(
Because they are both taking care of the child it's fair to pay equally.
It's only fair. If they both pay the same then it's fair and square, so the mom can't complain if she's collecting child support and the father can't complain that he's paying too much.
Even if one parent makes more they share the child and need to pay the same amount.
It'll be fair to them.
Equality is important, so as not to appear one parent cares more than another.
I personally believe that each parent has an equal responsibility for their child, and thus should have to pay equal amounts. Although it may seem fair that richer parents should pay a higher, proportional amount -- a divorce is a consequence of the parents' actions, and the choices they made from the start, in terms of marriage, conception and preparation for the costs of a child.
Because it's their kids.
Both the parents agreed on the divorce so they both should pay equal amounts of money.
Each parent should pay the same. If one parent can't afford it, the other parent should start getting more control of their kid.
Equal is key.
It's both of the parents' responsibility to pay equal amounts because it's both their kid.

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