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Question: In a divorce, how much money should each parent pay to support their children?

Answered: The one who wanted the divorce should pay more

The one who decided to ruin the family deserves to lose more money.
Well, I believe that the one who is blessed with a higher income should be dishing out the extras. But on the other hand, if I were the judge, I would treat each case differently.
They wanted to split, they should have to pay for that.
Seems right.
The parent that decides to break the family and give their own child a not so wonderful life should pay more.
They walked out.
They decided to break up ... they pay more.
The one who didn't want to get divorced wanted to stay strong for the family and save it while the other had enough and didn't want to work out anything anymore, so they should have to have pay more, since it was he/she who terminated a promise.
If they didn't want to pay they shouldn't have made me.
If one parent was "innocent" in the divorce, then the other should bear the brunt...

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