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Results are examples of youth attitudes based on online interviews with teenagers and children with parent permission. Youths responding: US 210, UK 121, and India 89.

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Youth Survey

January 2011 View more survey results

How may times a day do you text?
US  115
UK  120
Should there be restrictions on when, where and how often kids text?
Yes (View Selected Comments)
US  25.24%
UK  20.75%
INDIA  43.47%
No (View Selected Comments)
US  74.75%
UK  79.24%
INDIA  56.52%
Can a person you know on the internet be as close a friend as one you see in person?
Yes (View Selected Comments)
US  41.17%
UK  24.52%
INDIA  19.04%
No (View Selected Comments)
US  58.82%
UK  75.47%
INDIA  80.95%

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